Alpaca Snood


This hand-made snood is a very versatile garment. It can be worn in several different ways and will keep you feeling warm and stylish all seasons.

The snoods are hand made by me in Norway using the finnest 100% alpaca from Peru.

The scarves are tubular, with a dimension of 55cm long by 35cm (70cm) width.

Alpaca is a hypoallergenic fiber and because of its thermal properties creates products that are lightweight yet warmer and stronger than wool.

This garment has been hand crafted with the highest possible quality and uses earth friendly materials to generate warm feelings of intimacy. 

Find your favorite colour and make the best impression with these warm and elegant snoods! 

If you do not find your favourite colour or would like a different colour combination contact me at angélica@angélicaleó with your enquire:)