The Tagua Nut

   ~The tagua nut is the signature material of our ethical jewellery~
Also known as vegetable ivory, the tagua seeds are the product of the tagua palm, which grows
in the northwest areas of South America. The seeds are collected after falling naturally from the palm
so not damage is caused to the mature tree.
When the tagua nuts dry they become very hard and their colour and consistency resembles that of ivory. The use of the Tagua nut is an alternative to Ivory which encourages the growth and maintenance of the Tagua Palms. It provides an alternative to cutting down rainforests for farming and promotes the reforestation and preservation of the rain forests, stimulating the local economies and microenterprises in South America.  
Our tagua accessories are produced under a rigorous sustainable process, where the artisans thrive
in a healthy environment and are paid fair wages.
We use only natural and edible dyes in our dying process and fix the colours on the nuts with
a mix of lemons and salt, with any remains discharged safely.